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Back up and Print all iPhone photos in under 10 minutes!

I have this wall in my house, full of photos from the 1890’s- 1900’s.  It took me hours to figure out who everyone in the photos were and frame them. Now I have an amazing wall in my house that EVERYONE comments on.  I then took all the family names from our tree and put them on the wall.  My son knows those are my grandparents (and great grandparents and great great great…)

Imagine if those were stuck on a phone that found its way to a landfill.  They would have never seen the light of day.  I would have no idea who my great grandmother was when she was 18.

I keep seeing the quote “the most photographed generation in history will have no physical prints to show for it” and “Every day, people take more photos with the iPhone than with any other camera”.  The sad truth is,  how many of us actually PRINT their iPhone photos?  Being a photographer, I personally find it SO hard to organize my personal digital content.  Strange huh? I take photos for a living, but I’m COMPLETELY overwhelmed with my own personal iPhone photos.  Do I edit them to the best of the best?? Put them in folders on my computer desktop??  When I want to show them, do I log on to a computer? Find them on Evernote? Leave them on my phone, post them to Facebook?  Here is a novel Idea… how about I print them! Then I can put them in an album, on a shelf.  That I can reach for and pull down and show people the photos in 20 years.

So, how do you save your photos off your phone without taking hours of your time.  If you have an iPhone and an Apple Computer – there is a simple solution  (other than horrid iPhoto which I personally really dislike) many don’t know about.  It’s called “Image Capture“.  Plug your phone into your computer via USB, open “Image capture” Screenshot 2015-02-15 14.33.34

Once opened you will see your phone over to top left of the screen (see photo below) and an IMPORT ALL button on the bottom right.  Over to the bottom left is a folder button.  You pick the folder you want to dump them into.    I have ONE folder called iPhone Photos and in there are sub folders based on downloads dates, so I have some idea of what I’ve downloaded and uploaded. Here is the link to Apple on how to import with Image Capture

Screenshot 2015-02-15 14.36.32

Once all the photos are downloaded, I go to and upload my photos.

Screenshot 2015-02-17 14.58.27

Uploading them, gets them off my computer in case my house ever burns down, and then it gives me a reason to print them.  I don’t want them sitting on Winkflash never to see the light of day again.  So I print them.  ALL of them.  Every single photo.  Wait.. what?  Yes, I print EVERY photo.  Right now I have 1800 photos to print.  The thing I love about Winkflash is that I can print them for $0.06.  I also get free shipping. I normally just wait for the sales before I print them. I also use winkflash to do a quick cull of the “junk” photos I took to remember a price on an item, or the photo I took of mail to send to my husband.

Now if you are a PC user (gasp) there are simple ways to get your iPhone/cellphone photos off your phone here

If I did take these on film, I would print them.  Just because they are in my phone doesn’t mean I shouldn’t print them. In ten years, who knows what technology will be like, and you may not be able to EVER retrieve these photos.  You know how often you upgrade your phone.  Did you save all your photos OFF your last phone? The other piece I want to share is backing up the photos.  I currently have a app on my phone that’s called IFTTT.  Every photo on my iPhone is sent as a copy to my Evernote account IFTTT notebook (I LOVE Evernote).  That way, if I ever say, drop my phone in water, my photos are saved.  I won’t lose precious memories of my kids.   The photos on my iPhone are NOT the best photos of my kids, but they are the memories and moments of my kids.  I want to be sure to preserve them.

I’m a big cheerleader for backing up your content, be it pictures or documents.  Get it off site, out of your house, print it out and save it somewhere.  Right now, god forbid your house burns down RIGHT now, do you have photos saved somewhere other than your computer or phone?  All my photos are saved!

Happy memory making,



Katie & Clair’s Wedding – The Codman Estate, Lincoln, MA

I am so excited to be blogging about Katie and Clair’s wedding from August 2014.  I’ve had these photos ready to go for so long but something (ahem, someone) got in the way.  Love you, baby Bryan!

This wedding was my first experience with a Quaker ceremony and I absolutely LOVED it.  Their friends and family provided such beautiful testimony praising the couple for overcoming and persevering in their struggles being a same-sex couple . Not only was it incredibly moving and personal, but the ceremony was really fun.  The brides provided colorful flags that their guests would wave when they agreed with the statement or supported a moment.  The mothers of the brides gave the readings and their guests all signed their wedding certificate.  Just so touching.

Katie and Clair – I hope you had the most amazing time in Italy.  Thank you for letting me be a part of your day!


Wayside Inn Wedding Photos, Wayland + Griss MIll Photos | Steph + Aaron

This wedding was extremely sentimental for me.  I shot my first few weddings at the Wayside Inn with my mentor Jerry Schrader.  I learned recently that he passed away in October.  I enjoyed many great weddings with him there and it will always hold a special place in my heart! The Wayside Inn was the where I cut my teeth in photography back in the day!  The church is picturesque church in the middle of the wood – right off a post card.

Stephanie and Aaron didn’t exactly get sunshine and rainbows on their wedding day, but you would never know it!  Even with the rain that seemed to be the common theme this fall, they didn’t let it phase them.  We got them outside and even managed to stay dry – and got to enjoy the amazing foliage and water wheel.  Instead of having their reception inside the inn, a gorgeous tent was built to accommodate their guests complete with fabulous chandeliers.

I will think fondly of Jerry whenever I am back at the Wayside Inn.  Thank you, Stephanie and Aaron!  Best wishes to you both:)








Endicott Estate Wedding Photos | Kim + Joe

I loved Kim and Joe’s wedding!  From Kim’s elegant style to the rocking band – it was an outstanding day.  Kim’s amazing dress was spectacular with it’s delicate details and fit her like a glove.  The room in which she got ready offered tremendous natural light – a photographers dream!!  Our fabulous bride was so calm and I really think you can tell how at ease she was throughout the day.

The Endicott Estate has amazing grounds for outdoor ceremonies and the weather was simply perfect.  Inside, the party was ON!  The band was so much fun!   They came out on the dance floor and danced and sang with guests.  The candy bar provided everyone with some extra dancing sugar, plus surprise British treats for their overseas guests.

Kim and Joe – many congratulations on such a wonderful day.  Thank you for allowing me to be a part of it!

Vendor Roll Call

* Catering – Cypress Catering (Abby Park)
* Justice of the Peace – Adrienne Albani
* Invitations and place cards – Wedding Paper Divas
* Flowers – Whole Foods
* Alcohol – Gordon’s
* Bar service – Bill’s Bar Service
* My dress – Vows
* Bridesmaids’ dresses – Little Borrowed Dress
* Our wedding bands and my engagement ring – Barmakian
* Other jewels – Frugal Fannies
* Suits – Milton’s
* Hair and makeup – Taglio Salon, Natick
* Candy bar candy – Kiki’s in Brighton (The grooms family came from over seas so they were thrilled to see some British Candy!)
* Cake – Montilio’s
*Venue The Endicott Estate -Dedham
*Music The Party Factor


Navissa’s Boston Sweet 16

Do you remember Navissa from her awesome Downtown Boston portraits in preparation for her Sweet 16? Her fantastic party has arrived and BOY was it worth the wait. This is one stylish young lady: the shoes, the jewelry, the dresses!

It was bitterly cold, but Navissa and her best friends were not fazed by it at all!  Out into the cold they went for some really beautiful evening Boston shots.  Well done, ladies!

The cake, made by the famous Oakleaf Cakes was a work of art in itself, just look at those details!  Everyone had a blast, congratulations!

oak leaf cakes

oak leaf cakes. photos

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F a c e b o o k
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